Electrolysis Treatments For Permanent Hair Removal

Woman getting electrolysis treatment in Long Island

As one of the oldest and most established methods of hair removal, electrolysis is the premier solution for getting rid of hair.

Electrolysis is a permanent solution used by both men and women with all types of hair. This treatment has been deemed a safe and effective method of hair removal for over a century.

With electrolysis treatments from EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre in Long Island, you will enjoy smooth, soft, and supple skin, regardless of where it’s done on your body.

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What Is Electrolysis?

With electrolysis, the hair growing cell is permanently destroyed with a low level electrical current. The process entails inserting an extremely fine filament into the hair follicle to the source of nourishment for the hair, which is called the dermal papilla. Then, a piece of equipment called an epilator transmits a precise electrical current into the dermal papilla.

If the dermal papilla and the matrix (the reproductive organ of the hair) are destroyed, then there will be no further hair growth. However, if the follicle is only damaged, thinner, malnourished hair will grow. This weaker, finer hair will then be more susceptible to subsequent treatments for permanent hair removal. Since the effectiveness of the treatment is significantly dependant on the skill of the electrologist, EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre only utilizes trained and skilled electrologists for optimum results.

Benefits of Electrolysis

Electrolysis has been around for over a century! This highly proven procedure has undergone several updates and transformations over the years. As a result, the electrolysis procedure used at EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre typically renders the following benefits:

Permanent Solution

One of the biggest benefits of this treatment is it lasts forever. Once your hair has received the treatment, it will rarely ever grow back, which is a result of the effectiveness of electrolysis, it’s highly popular among people who suffer from ingrown hair.


Out of all of the permanent hair-removal treatments, electrolysis works the best and offers highly predictable results.

Extremely Versatile

Whether you have tough skin or coarse thick hair, electrolysis is versatile enough to provide stellar results and is always a great choice.

Minimal Discomfort

In most instances, electrolysis results in minimal discomfort similar to skin tingling. If you do experience any discomfort, topical anesthetic creams can be used.

Approved by the FDA

As the only permanent hair removal solution approved by the FDA, electrolysis is the most risk-free way to remove troublesome hair from all areas of your body.

How Long Does Electrolysis Take?

In any case, there is no way to predict how long it will take to remove all of your unwanted hair. However, at EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre we guarantee that the frequency and duration of your visits will decrease. Your one hour treatments will eventually be reduced to 30 minutes or less. Those weekly visits will be reduced to every other week, and your monthly visits will decrease until there is no longer any hair or regrowth.

What Happens After Treatment?

After your treatment, you may experience skin redness that can last up to a few hours. With electrolysis, there is no scarring and any skin discoloration is only temporary. Your skin will recuperate fully as a part of the normal healing process.

Your Commitment Is Key!

Your commitment to the process is vital. While everyone has a different hair growth cycle, most people experience hair growth of about a half inch per month. As a result, it’s vital to make sure you make all of your appointments. If you miss appointments, the overall removal may not be as rapid.

If you are tired of ingrown hairs or unwanted hair, electrolysis is the premier solution. Contact the EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre today to schedule a consultation appointment.