Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Tried and true, a massage is often a go-to spa favorite. While the type may range from gentle to deep most people can benefit from regular massage therapy. Studies show and regular spa-goers will agree, massage can reduce stress, lessen pain and muscle tension. But the list goes on, massage may also be helpful for detoxification, increasing the blood flow and a variety of other conditions including anxiety, insomnia, headaches, injuries and more.

As one of the oldest healing art forms, massage therapy dates back 3,000 years.

Simply put, massage therapy is the systematic and intentional manipulation of your soft muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia to bolster your health and healing abilities.

Whether you are looking to relieve a headache or for a relaxing evening, we can help. All of our therapists are licensed and highly skilled with years of background experience and knowledge.

After a single massage session at EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre located right here in Long Island, you will instantly notice the benefits and be ready to schedule your next appointment.

Different Types of Massage Therapy

While we offer several different types of massage therapy treatments, some of the most popular at the EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre include the following:

Swedish/European Massage

As the most commonly recognized type of massage, a Swedish/European Massage involves multiple techniques that result in a relaxing experience with ample overall benefits. Your session will include invigorating gliding, kneading, and rhythmic strokes designed to warm up your muscles. At the same time, these techniques encourage your lymphatic system and veins to return blood to your heart, which supports your holistic health and helps return the body to a state of balance and rejuvenation.

Medical / Oncology Massage

The medical massage treatment is specifically directed to solve issues diagnosed and prescribed by a doctor. Your medical massage therapist will use a wealth of procedures and modalities during the treatment. The entire focus will be directed on the areas of the body specifically related to the diagnosis and prescription.

Within the broader category of medical massage​, we specialize in oncology massage treatment to safely work on your body, keeping your specific condition in mind when it comes to the use of the techniques we use.

Trigger-Point Therapy

A trigger point is a tight region within your muscle tissue that results in discomfort or pain in other points of your body. For instance, a trigger point in your back could produce pain in your neck, which could result in headaches. Trigger-point therapy is designed to locate and remedy the actual source of the pain. It features cycles of targeted pressure and release. You actively participate by naming the location of the discomfort as well as deep breathing. Following your trigger-point therapy treatment, the constricted areas of your muscles will be released and pain can be alleviated after one visit.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones are applied in long relaxing strokes to melt away tension.


Preformed on the reflex points of the hands/soles of the feet to improve circulation, reduce fatigue and enhance balance throughout the body.

Post-FIT Bodywrap Session

Deep tissue bodywork or a massage for a guest who hasn’t had one in a while may result in a bit of muscle soreness. Let’s be honest, depending on the work done, it may be more than a bit! Enjoying a 30 to 60-minute FIT Bodywrap session after a deeper massage can help the body flush toxins and allow soothing infrared rays to work their magic by increasing blood flow to sore areas.

Massage Add-Ons

  • Foot Reflexology 30 Minutes
  • Breath Well Massage
  • Essential Oils

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Contrary to popular belief, massage therapy is much more than a relaxation venture. In reality, massages have been proven to:

Relieve stress by lowering cortisol, heart rate, and insulin levels.

Encourage relaxation by helping the body enter into a relaxing rest-and-recovery mode.

Bolster circulation that results in improved body function.

Increase range of motion and flexibility by keeping joints more fluid and making you less injury prone.

Improve posture by reinforcing natural and healthy movements, which helps correct posture problems.

Lower blood pressure naturally through relaxing therapeutic sessions.

Relieves chronic headaches and migraines by releasing pain and pressure

Promote easier and deeper breathing by training the body to relax and relieving respiratory issues

Enhance post-operative rehab by prompting the body to pump more nutrients and oxygen to vital organs and tissues.

Relax muscles by getting to the root of persistent pain.

Improve injury rehabilitation and accelerate the recovery process.

Bolster the immune system by increasing the activity of the body’s protective, killer cells.

Whether you have repeated migraines or are looking to unwind, massage therapy offers relief. Contact the experts at the EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre today to schedule a consultation or appointment with one of our licensed massage therapists.


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