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Men’s Spa Services

Although most guys work extremely hard at being manly, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your skin. At EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre, we offer a wide collection of services and treatments specifically designed to treat the most complex and common needs of men. Our goal is to provide you with world-class service and teach you the best practices for caring for your skin.

Facials For Men

Contrary to popular belief, men receive facials and love them. In any case, skin damage from the sun and from shaving cannot be fixed with the products you use every day. While the redness may fade, the underlying problems do not go away. Because of the skin stress caused by shaving, guys need facials more than women. Typically, guys have larger pores, coarser skin, and an increased likelihood of suffering sun damage. At the EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre, our men’s facials are customized to the individual’s skin type and needs. A few of the top benefits of receiving a facial are:

● Removal of the excess oil and dirt that clogs your pores

● Fewer blackheads and pimples

● A cleaner more precise shave as a result of smoother skin

● Learn the best practices for caring for your skin

Back Facial Treatment

Back acne or bacne can leave you so embarrassed you refuse to take off your shirt. Our back facial is designed to address these problems, while toning and purifying your back. This treatment also includes a custom soothing mask followed by an invigorating massage.

Massage Treatment For Men

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, a growing number of men are getting massages for a wide number of reasons. Some of the most common benefits of our massages catered specifically for the needs of men are:

● Ease depression

● Lower blood pressure

● Reduced Stress

● Decreased neck pain

● Better work and athletic performance

● Chronic back pain relief

Whether you need a deep tissue massage, a Swedish massage, or any other type of massage, the massage therapists at EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre have your needs covered.


As one of the most effective permanent hair removal solutions, a growing number of men are choosing electrolysis. While ear hair and back hair removal may almost instantly come to mind, our therapists treat several other areas in the process of “manscaping.” Some of the most common areas we treat with electrolysis for men are:

● Beard sculpting to eliminate shaving on the neck and cheek

● Eyebrow treatment, especially if a unibrow is involved

● Neckline hair designed to treat ingrown hairs and skin irritations

● Back hair, ear hair, and shoulder hair for a clean and professional look

Laser Hair Removal

Dealing with unwanted hair is a battle most men eventually lose. Instead of losing the good fight, EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre offers innovative laser hair removal. Our experts offer several years of experience providing laser hair removal for men and delivering outstanding results. Some of the most common areas for laser hair removal for men are:

● Chest, Abs, and Back

● Facial and Neck Hair

● Scalp


The goal of our wax treatment is to protect the elasticity and health of your skin. The wax treatment is applied soothingly warm and gently removed to reveal baby smooth skin. Our refined waxing threading technique is highly result-oriented and comfortable.

Hand Paraffin

If you have ever wanted soft and supple hands, a hand paraffin treatment is the solution. During this treatment, you hands are dipped into warm paraffin for 10 to 15 minutes. It causes your pores to open, which allows moisturizers to easily penetrate your skin. This therapy conditions and softens your cuticles and leaves your hands feeling pampered.

Foot Detox

Our innovative ion foot detox is designed to help your body rid itself of all of the toxins and unwanted metals. In approximately 30 minutes, you will feel invigorated, healthier, and experience several other potential benefits.

Our innovative treatments are designed to tackle the problem areas experienced by men. Whether you are a wife, girlfriend, or a dude looking to clean up, the experts at the EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre have your needs covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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