I wish this place existed 30 years ago!! How different my life would have been! Jean and her staff provide a safe professional environment for you to address those pesky things that have eaten at your self esteem, whether its unwanted hair, not enough hair, etc. Stick with the program and you will get great results. There are no reasons to ever live with problems that there are solutions to. Take time and start investing in yourself using solutions that have proven results.

C.M. MSPT – Director of Operations

Laser Hair Restoration

Love this place!! Cold laser for hair restoration works even after my YEARS of hair loss. I look forward to my “me time” once a week and it’s exciting to watch my hair coming back. I’m sooo glad that I found this place. If you have any doubts about this technique working for African Americans take a look at me! I couldn’t be more pleased.

Diane P.


Since coming to EBJ for facials, my skin has changed dramatically. I’ve been coming here for facials for about three years now and each time I feel that my skin has improved. I suffered with cystic acne and in the beginning my skin was super irritated & painful but after coming here for a calming facial or a deep cleaning my skin felt 10x better and the redness went down tremendously. I still come here at least once a week as routine and my skin is not as painful as it was and overall the results are amazing. Also the people here are super friendly and they are really here to help you out with everything step by step.

Carline V.

Thank you Liz, for the WONDERFUL facial today!

Yvonne C.

The facial made my face feel wonderful. Soft like baby’s skin. My red spots and wrinkles seemed to disappear. I didn’t want to put makeup on my face. Have been back for many more facials. Nice and relaxing atmosphere. Great service!

A happy and loyal customer

Permanent Makup

My permanent eyebrows changed my life. Procedure was easy and painless. They look so natural and restored my confidence. Great work Connie!

Barbara C.


Jean is a true professional. Her practice offers timely service in a clean and comfortable environment. She provides excellent service and careful consideration and evaluation of your particular situation. While other providers claim to be efficient, Jean and her staff truly deliver. I would recommend Jean to anyone looking for treatment and know that they would be satisfied.

R. I.

I came to EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre with the hopes that I would finally find a solution to the embarrassing unwanted hairs on my body. Never did I imagine the quality of care I would soon receive. Immediately entering the office, I felt a sense of relief feeling warm and welcome. I asked a customer who was leaving, of her experience here. She explained she has been a customer for five years and has been more than happy with all the services offered at EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre After, I was invited into the immaculate room where both professional electrologist’s explained the process and addressed all of my questions. They seemed enthusiastic about their job and you could really tell that they love what they do. I instantly gained confidence that my individual needs would be taken care of here. Also, I had the pleasure of having the best facial of my life. The esthetician’s warm demeanor and expertise made it easy to enjoy the facial. After my treatment, I felt as if I was glowing inside and out. The atmosphere created in the office is so comforting, and upbeat that I look forward to my visits. As soon as I walk in the door, I forget about the stresses of the day and I was able to relax, be pampered, and focus on myself.

M. B.

I wanted to start off saying that I had very little hair on my back, very fine, but a little patch of thicker hair at the bottom of my back that I wanted removed. I had started my attempted hair lose journey with IPL, spent about 500 dollars on that. I broke out a lot after each treatment but thought that was normal. I had stopped IPL because I was getting a tattoo on my back and after my tattoo had healed I saw that the regrowth of hair on my back after IPL was making the hair grow back longer and there was more of it. Needless to say I was annoyed and frustrated , so I did my research and saw that what I had done was IPL (you can tell that its IPL because they use sonogram gel on the area that they are treating and the head of the machine is square and touches your skin).

That poor experience lead me to real laser hair removal, at first I was stuck between laser and electrolysis but I ended up speaking to a women at the laser facility and she convinced me laser is the way to go because it is faster to do and only have to go once a month. The laser journey cost me another large sum of money (1,300 dollars) at which I was still left with the same regrowth I had before. All hope seemed lost, I was depressed for a while because not only did I waste money I had more hair then I started off with because now I did not just have a little patch of hair on my lower back, I had hair all over my back. After a few months I found Jean, and finally I have started to to see PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL! After Jean does an area, keep in mind she works in smaller patches then laser or IPL but that is because she is actually killing the root and that hair will not come back. The other positive is that electrolysis is FDA approved for permanent hair removal, which I found out in my lengthy web search of best hair removal methods. Jean and Deb are also the sweetest women/electrologists you will ever meet, they truly care about your hair removal. Their consultation is in depth, they try it on you and talk about what it entails get to your goal, whether it is your underarms or in my case my whole back. If you want an area to be hair free, don’t waste your time and money like I did, go straight to EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre.Thank you so much Jean

Aaron T.

I have had electrolysis here for several years. Never did I think I would be able to get rid of all the unwanted hair on my body, but, on the recommendation of a friend, I decided to give this a try. The results have been magnificent!!! The staff is quite professional, but also very friendly. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through those office doors, but the procedure is thoroughly explained and you are made to feel completely comfortable and in control. It is also an added benefit to have spa services on site. This is a “one stop shop” for a day of wellness, or pampering, or just taking care of you. I highly recommend all of the services offered. Pamper yourself or pamper a friend or loved one…You won’t be sorry!

D. O.

For many years, I spent 2-3 hours a week sitting in front of a magnified mirror tweezing hair from my chin, neck and sideburns. The skin of my neck and chin was rough and irritated from my constant abuse. Over time, the hair got thicker, more prominent and spread to more areas, I grew more self-conscious, and in turn, abused it more, I would rather have been red and blotchy than have visible hair. I was relentless, sometimes breaking the skin to get the hair before it reached the surface. I had cuts and scrapes and painful ingrown hairs. I also used to bleach and wax the area above my lips. The hair above my lips looked like a blond mustache and was highly visible. Waxing only lasted about a week.

My mother and sister have had electrology, but I was apprehensive about it. I even tried the at-home kits with no success. Finally I could take it no longer. I was tired of putting so much effort in to minimize the growth, plus my face was sore. I looked in the local phone book, picked an electrologist and went. I lucked out. The lady was pleasant and soothing, and seemed to genuinely care and understand my dilemma.

The difference in my facial hair and self-confidence is amazing. I wish I had gone to EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre sooner.

M. H.

I am a 29 year old female struggling with the symptoms of PCOS. After months of living in a dark, embarrassing hole – I decided I needed to take action and do whatever it took to get rid of my facial hair. I googled “electrolysis” and “Long Island” as I was moving out here from Manhattan and I came across EBJ Skin & Wellness Centre. My experience with Jean and her team has been amazing. They have exceeded any expectation I could have imagined. After a year of treatment I finally feel as I should feel – confident and beautiful. Not only are Jean and her staff skilled electrologists, but they genuinely care about each and every client. They truly want you to leave feeling good about yourself. I’ve also had a few facials done by the aesthetician Liz. I have cystic acne and needed all the help I could get for my upcoming wedding. My time with Liz is relaxing and I’m having great results! Before Liz I thought facials were a waste of money. Now I can see that they’re an essential part of keeping myself feeling and looking good! I cannot thank every women that works there enough!

M. C.

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